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About Us

We are a Membership Organisation operating a membership benefits Programme called the Added Value Programme. Our aim is to add excellent value and benefits to the shopping and purchases of our members by offering them cashbacks on various goods and services bought via our website under the following initiatives. 

  •   Free Cash for Sports
  •   Free Cash for Education
  •   Free Cash for Health
  •   Free Cash for Good Causes
  •   Free Cash for Lifestyles (Holidays, birthdays, bills and so on).

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Why We Do It (Our Mission Statement)

We firmly believe in the development and well being of the individual and as such, operate this website, with a view that the benefits derived by individuals will be used to further their self development and personal well being. 

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The Added Value Programme

The Added Value Programme is open to everyone - even businesses. To join, you must complete our AVP application form. Upon registration, you will be issued with a personal Added Value membership number and be able to receive our cashbacks.

To register for the Added Value Programme, please click here.

To view the terms and conditions of the Added Value Programme, click here.

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Members can get substantial amounts of cashbacks per annum if they target their shopping through our website.  Note that the prices of the goods and services which you get by shopping with vendors through our web site, are exactly the same as the prices you will get if you shopped with them directly.  However, by shopping via our website, you will also receive cashbacks from us.

Cashbacks are paid to members 60 days after the transaction which generated it, except where the cashback is denoted by "INSTANT CASH". INSTANT CASH cashbacks will be paid out immediately and should reach a members bank account within 24hrs, depending on the type of bank account held by the member.


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Data Protection Policy

We are registered with the Data Protection Registrar (Reg: No. X3899209) and will store and process information obtained by us or given by you in your dealings with us on X-Braand’s or its agents computers, and in any other way. This will be used by X-Braand and its agencies for assessment and analysis (including market and product analysis), so that we can develop, improve and market our services to you and other customers, as well as protect our interests.

If you wish to find out what information we have on you, please send an e-mail to: customerservices@x-braand.co.uk

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